The spiritual path can be described in many ways, but for me it is like a maze, a mystery out there to unravel, discover, manifest, and eventually lead us to its center, into our innermost self and to the ultimate maturation of spirit, mind and body. Ultimately, the path leading us to the center of the maze is straight and simple. It is not really a path, because we need not move even an inch, since what we are looking for is always at the beginning point. However, we don’t have the eyes to see it or the mind to grasp the simplicity of it and we will take many wrong turns which will be bound to lead us to a dead end, and we will get stuck on some side roads, convinced we are on the right path, and we will go in circles, again and again, not finding the center. This is the nature of the quest; it is unavoidable and also significant, for the pursuit itself clarifies the eyes, purifies the heart and the mind, and at some point we are ready, and we can finally see the center waiting for us, so close to where we are, as we never moved.

My experience of the last twenty-three years is that it is almost impossible to reach this inner standstill, the ending of becoming, without a spiritual teacher or an experienced way-shower, so this short guide is not a substitute for a teacher. It is, however, meant to help you, the spiritual seeker, to recognize the most important lessons on the path, teach you how to work with these lessons, and fully exhaust them so you can transcend and evolve all the way to liberation.

The lessons are not necessarily presented in a linear way, because the path is not linear and often lessons can arise simultaneously, but there is order and logic to their presentation. It is mostly the reflection of my personal journey and the way I understand the graduation of the challenges. It does not mean you will experience these lessons in the same way or in the same order, but I believe you are bound to meet them, one way or another, because they are impersonal and an inherent part of the spiritual search.

Each lesson includes practical recommendations that provide you with the tools to work through the reading and extract its core understanding for your further evolution. Some lessons take longer than others; some lessons can take a few years to complete and move beyond. If this makes you feel discouraged, it is just because you don’t understand the nature of a full and irreversible process of transformation yet. It took the universe billions of years to forge me and you, so it only makes sense that a real inner revolution in our mind, emotions, and body would take a good few years to happen.

I wish to express my everlasting and infinite gratitude to my spiritual teacher, Shai Tubali. I was blessed in this lifetime to cross paths with this genuinely phenomenal man, and my heart trusted him immediately and never had a doubt. Who and what I am today is a direct outcome of years of surrender, listening and absorbing his grace, wisdom, love and unshakable faith in me. May you too find your shining star to guide you on this incredible adventure into the maze, and may you find that which you are looking for.