Build your power center and lead your life

Mentoring program for women

Nowadays, when women are expected to highly perform in many simultaneous dimensions, while some of the basic imbalances that are a part of human society and behavior are still unchanged, you are facing a daily challenge.

Whether at work or home, you must be a self-confident, assertive, authoritative and self-controlled person. If you wish to be valued at work and listened to at home and other circumstances, you need to radiate an aura of natural presence, well defined boundaries and have the power to communicate yourself clearly and without hesitation. 

To have such inner strength, to feel comfortable in your skin and to know that you possess these skills and abilities, you need to build your inner center of power. For many women, this center (the solar plexus) is depleted, somewhat hollow or simply losing its energy daily. In my work, I meet so many women who are strong, clever and accomplished yet their inner center of power is damaged and leaky.



When your center of inner power is not balanced and functioning you can suffer from various issues such as: 


  • Being overwhelmed with fear and over-emotionality
  • Not speaking up and say what you want to need
  • Fearing authorities and sacrificing your needs in an unhealthy way
  • Being too yielding and pleasing
  • Lacking self-discipline and enough energy to purse your goals and ambitions
  • Not being taken seriously, and not being respected and listened to
  • Not sensing yourself in a clear and definite way – feeling vague and transparent 
  • Not setting your boundaries in a defined way, which results in other people interfering and manipulating you
  • Being harassed and even bullied – being susceptible to violence 
If you can recognize yourself in some of these examples, it means you are often facing hard moments and suffer due to your weak and imbalanced center of inner power. 

I too had suffered from imbalances in the power center.

Despite being a naturally strong and willful person, with strong opinions and well-defined borders, I suffered from low self-esteem and gave my power away to other people. This state led me to many wrong choices and painful and even traumatic experiences. It induced fear and hesitation, doubt and inner suffocation. In my process of development, I came to the point when I told myself I was not ready to feel fear or dependency anymore.

I felt I needed to build and reinforce my inner power, overcome my hypersensitivity and over emotionality and develop a mountain like silent and strong center of being. I was trained in the Expansion Method and studied power psychology, and did my masters in positive psychology and coaching.

My training and studying and the intense spiritual process I was engaged in bore fruits and my center of power increased in potency and energy with every month passing. The biggest victory for me was overcoming the over-loaded emotional center, transforming most of the noisy and fearful emotions into inner silence, patience and presence.

From an insecure, dependent, needy and lacking self-worth woman, I stepped into my true inner power and centered myself in an unmistakable sense of self-respect and self-authority.

My path was an illumination and my accomplishments revealed themselves as an impulse to be a mentor to other women, dealing with similar challenges and issues.

When I carefully scanned my steps and all that I have learnt on my path, I could form a clear mentoring program, one that can assist any woman who wishes to become a strong, independent and present in her life.

This program is designed to:

  • Restore balance in the power center through trauma healing and thorough cleansing of past imprints and blockages. 
  • Encourage self-honesty and self-responsibility through the teachings of power psychology.
  • Remove any traces of a victim identity and transform it into a self-sufficient and autonomous self. 
  • Teach how to build healthy boundaries and how to communicate these boundaries with the external world.
  • Build a sense of true inner power, a solid energy source which is both flexible and protective simultaneously.
  • Develop a sense of authentic individuality and character, learning to distinguish oneself and feel self-confident and inwardly silent. 
  • Create a sense of indestructibility while learning to use both the weak and aggressive energies within. 
Enjoying a strong power center does not mean there are no more fears, challenges, moments of weakening or doubts. It means you have the right tools and the best ways to deal with these moments with grace, trust and rationality. When your power center is balanced and your past imprints are cleaned, you can walk the earth feeling this is your natural home, and that you have every right to be here and enjoy the bountiful richness of life.

You will be more grounded and surer in your inner and physical posture; you will be more creative and light-hearted in times of great pressure and stress; you can radiate warmth and tenderness even while being attacked and maintain your sense of grace and sensibility in moments of adversity. 

“Tamar is a rare therapist, I am always amazed by her sensitivity and depth of insight. She is gifted with the subtleties to observe the most elusive and deep aspects of the psyche and the inner and external conflicts. She gives you the space you need, she gives you validation and legitimization and also sheds the light of consciousness on every aspect that is being looked at. Tamae is soft, loving and compassionate but also very direct, straight-forward and uncompromising. She also has the rare ability to express herself in simple words (that stay with you in the heart and one’s memory), and she can formulate the things I could never even begin to say in words, which is so powerful and helpful. Each session with Tamar is a courageous conscious dive into myself and an invitation to connect to the heart and the very essence of the discussed issues. At the end of a session, I always feel as if I am breathing into my authentic self, more connected to my emotions and the “greater picture” and feel able to look at my life and my challenges and handle that with much more optimism, awareness and connection to the heart.”
L. H.

High-tech manager

“After two years of intense work with Tamar, I can say that the person I wanted to be is finally here. I am not perfect and I can still lose my temper from time to time but I can manifest and express everything I longed for and wished for. I feel so high. All those sessions completely paid off because the more developed version of myself, the one I used to meet time and time again in the expanded states during the meeting with Tamar is now stable and present. I feel proud of myself like never before. I went through complex challenges and was able to handle it all so well. I understand myself and my path much better and I don’t look for confirmations outside anymore. I see the people around me and how they behave and I can reach them and create together with them everything I need. I came to Tamar broken, weak and longing for a child, exhausted after failing to get pregnant and feeling as if I had lost any control over my life and Tamar gave me back the power and the ability to control from a calmer state of mind. I feel I should be Tamar’s “poster client” because I am a real success and the direct proof of her abilities as a therapist. Thank you, Tamar, from the bottom of my heart.”
A. R.

High-tech manager

“My journey with Tamar was surprising and amazing. Tamar led me with her expertise, directness and skill towards dark places within me and helped transform them completely. As we went along the program, I felt myself relaxing on one hand and growing in power and confidence on the other hand. I had many deep insights about myself, my life and my choices and felt a great shift in my point of view. From feeling like a victim, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, I finally received an inner confirmation that it is just as well to be alone. As we went deeper, I started to understand my role and purpose in the world from a more stable and mature place within and feel a sense of peace and joy I didn’t know before. For me, Tamar is a kind, loving, powerful, confident and mature woman, the kind I wanted to become myself. With her guidance and unwavering presence, I felt I could take the necessary steps towards becoming the powerful woman I could be and I am deeply grateful. Thank you, Tamar, for believing in me even at times when I was doubting myself and thank you for mirroring me the highest version of myself. This process was and still is very meaningful to me.”
Y. B.


“Tamar is a wise, deep, sensitive and intuitive woman and her mastery in emotional transformation and mastering relationships is absolute. She combines a brilliant ability to analyze and conceptualize with highly methodical, comprehensive and rare precision.

When she works with the expansion method and other tools and adds to that her humor and interesting and humble personality, she enables me to go through a powerful transformation process.”

R. A.

Clinical psychologist

What does the mentoring process look like?

The mentoring program is a three months process, that includes 8 one on one (live or online) sessions (each session is two hours), practices and exercises you do alone at your home, specially recorded guided meditations to clean, empower and develop the power center, and unique work based on the academic knowledge of power psychology and positive psychology.

We will work on your specific challenges and needs and create the breakthrough you need and want.


The 8 sessions will include working on these topics:

  • Causes for fear / lack of sufficient self-confidence / self-criticism / minimizing
  • Balancing, stabilizing and overcoming the emotional body
  • Removal of past traumas and imprints that create an imbalance in the power center
  • Setting healthy boundaries and learning to speak up your boundaries
  • Moving from a weak/victim identity to a powerful and self-autonomous identity 
  • Connecting to natural skills and abilities and empowering the inherent strengths
  • Breaking co-dependency and core beliefs that make you small and depleting your energy
  • How to cultivate daily your power center and balance it by yourself
  • Discovering your true authenticity/individuality/ unique structure as a means for more empowerment and self-acceptance

How to Apply

Before you begin the mentoring program, you will need to fill up some questionnaires and answer scales. It will help me create the most suitable program for you and it will help us measure and track your progress after we finish the program.

Participating in the mentoring program requires your total commitment to the process and a sense of readiness to change your life. To help you determine if you are ready for this process at this time, you will have an interview with me.

Investment: 3.000 euros + VAT (payment plan is possible, up to 6 payments)

 For more details contact me here: