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You want to heal, evolve and become a source of inspiration through your conscious and loving presence. I would love to help you transform and achieve your goals .

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Going Beyond Fear

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Heal your past & grow in consciousness  

You are a strong, capable and loving individual and you aspire to develop and be the best you can be in your life.

You like setting goals and putting in the work to achieve all that you dream of. You are a hero at heart. On your path towards fulfillment you sometimes stumble and experience hardship to overcome certain challenges. You feel that the past is casting a shadow on your present and future and you yearn for a breakthrough.

For the past 15 years, I’ve mentored and guided many individuals from diverse professional backgrounds – business executives, lawyers, entrepreneurs, therapists and psychologists, teachers, healers, performers and high-tech managers – all of whom overcame their challenging past so they can become peaceful, successful and self-conscious. Together we transform what has been to what can be and do it in the most expanded context possible.

I don’t believe in long-term processes or skin-deep inquiry. I stand for intense, deeply transformative and accelerated progression. Together we amplify your natural gifts and talents, release and remove past imprints and unveil your highest calling. We do it with honesty, courage and absolute self-acceptance and self-love.

I do it through one-on-one guidance, mentoring programs and more.

Let’s take this adventure together.

“I came to Tamar 8 years ago. After experiencing an Expansion session. I underwent a training course and became a certified instructor and added this amazing method to my toolbox as a therapist myself. Tamar was first my teacher and that was when I met her powerful presence. After trying many kinds of therapies during the years, Tamar became my guide and she is my anchor ever since. With her silent, honest, accepting presence and her deep wisdom, she enables me, each time, to become closer to myself and the truth in me. Tamar helps me to direct myself better in life and evolve and flourish. Anyone who wants to touch one’s self and grow without compromises, Tamar is the guide and teacher I recommend with all my heart.”

Didi Yaar, Therapist

“As a Certified Expansion instructor who worked with dozens of people, I can attest to the undeniable fact that the white light trauma techniques are the real miracle and backbone of this method. Traumas are revisited in a safe space, understood in a liberating and transformative manner and become a source of power and growth rather than weakness and hindrance. I had the privilege to also work privately with Tamar. Her guidance is simply one of the best ones I know (and I’m a very picky and critical person).
With Tamar you’re in good hands and will get a full-package treatment.”

Tom Eckert, Numerologist

“I was working with Tamar for two years. We worked on healing childhood traumas and hidden memories of trauma, and I could let go and set myself free from limiting patterns. We worked on my will-power and got to empower my presence in life the inner silence. The process with Tamar was amazing and a very significant part of my developmental path and of being who I am today.
Tamar is a wonderful therapist, full of wisdom, love, sensitivity and a deep knowing of the human psyche and consciousness. I warmly recommend her sessions and courses”.

Sufi Haim, holistic therapist and events producer

work with me

I offer mentoring programs intended to:

  • Build your power center and increase your presence, self-confidence, authority and leadership.
  • Cleanse your emotional center of unnecessary negativity and cultivate positivity so you can act with both kindness and clear precision.
  • Empower your ability to unleash, express and bring out your distinctive colors to the world by fully understanding your unique design.

I offer one-on-one Trauma Healing sessions using a powerful and transformative tool from the world of Positive Psychology and spiritual enlightenment – ‘The Expansion Method’.

This is a highly advanced and efficient process to overcome and release traumatic memories.

I am here to help you heal, grow and evolve in consciousness and love.

As a mentor and trauma healer, I create the space so you can connect to your dormant and potential gifts, your innermost core values and beliefs and your true self.

My firm belief is that it is our soul duty to be happy and radiate love and kindness, and it is my deepest wish to serve your path so you can grow in consciousness and love and be the best version of yourself.

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Lesson 2: Perseverance and loyalty

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Going Beyond Fear

Discover the essential steps to create a life free from negative imprints and be totally free. Just enter your email address to receive the eBook. (You will also receive a monthly positive and inspiring love note. You can unsubscribe at any time.)