Trauma release

transformative one on one sessions

A Trauma release session is a 2 hours session, based on the unique and ground-breaking techniques of the ‘Expansion Method’ and ‘Power Psychology’ developed by Shai Tubali, an enlightened kundalini and chakra master.

The basic principle of the trauma release process is that all the imprints and conditionings during the traumatic events were created in a state of contracted consciousness, so by achieving a state of expanded consciousness, we can rewrite our memory and uproot all traces of trauma. With a simple tool called “the expansion process,” you can awaken the subtle layers or fields of consciousness, which can lead to emotional, mental and psychosomatic healing.

With the discovery of these layers, the practitioner gains a new self-authority or self-ownership: the power to change one’s life with no dependency on external factors.



In a soft and safe environment, we work together on your deepest-rooted traumas and contracting core-beliefs to clear all those inhibiting imprints from your energetic and psychic body, and we also use the method to awaken dormant skills and abilities and to empower and enhance your natural gifts and unique energetic structure.

“I came to Tamar six years after I went through a sexual assault. My life froze and I felt physically and emotionally imprisoned. With the help of the Expansion and Tamar’s endless love, I had managed to become present and release that day. I could experience and understand that it was just one more day in my life, no matter how difficult it might have been, and that it doesn’t need to leave any traces within me. I could discover the light and inner strength that I actually have and with Tamar’s help I could realize myself being an inseparable part of the infinite light and kindness.”
Mor L.

Actress, Israel

“Trauma healing work is maybe the deepest healing process I know. After every single session I felt not only free from the trauma but also a deeper connection to life and I felt more able to flow with life as it happens. It is a beautiful work. Tamar Brosh is one of the most exciting and effective therapists I know. Her big, all-understanding heart, paired with brilliant clarity and the ability to name the essential, have always created space in me for fundamental and sustainable transformation processes. These processes have changed my life so much for the better that I am grateful to Tamar from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend her.”


Barbara Müller

Psychotherapist, FSP Switzerland



A 4 sessions package will cost 880 euros (excl. VAT), and an 8 sessions package will cost 1600 euros (excl. VAT). 


After only a few sessions you already can enjoy the growing inner-power, a new level of presence and a deeper connection to yourself as the unique soul-pattern that you are. Life might remain challenging, but you will be different: able, competent, optimistic and creative.

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