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Emotional Mastery Group


Starting in mid-September, this three-month program is an exclusive opportunity with limited spots available.

"My vision is to create a thriving environment where people can support each other, grow together, and build a strong community focused on emotional and spiritual evolution."

Having dedicated many years to one-on-one healing journeys, seminars, webinars, and co-teaching annual training programs with my dear teacher and mentor Dr. Shai Tubali, I am now ready for a new adventure: the exclusive Emotional Mastery group.

My vision is to create a thriving environment of support, mutual growth, and community building for emotional and spiritual evolution. This vision includes a limited amount to people learning intensely together, transforming emotional patterns and developing spiritually under my professional guidance.

Working one on one has many advantages but it can also be a costly and lonely process. Working weekly with a group of people on their emotional maturation and spiritual development offers unique advantages compared to attending a single seminar, a workshop or doing one on one work.

I cannot envision a more capable and equipped guide for your personal evolution than Tamar Brosh. With humility and sensitivity, Tamar has navigated her life, developing an unusually deep insight into the laws of emotional, mental, subtle, and spiritual growth. After decades of training, learning from and practicing with her is like drinking from an unfailing spring of wisdom and experience. I am thrilled that she has now decided to offer this valuable format of a small group committed to personal transformation.

Shai Tubali, Ph.D.

The Advantages

What is the Emotional Mastery Group?

Consistency and Long-Term Growth

Continuous Support and Accountability: Regular meetings provide ongoing support and accountability, helping participants stay committed to their personal growth goals.

Community and Connection

Stronger Community Bonds: Frequent interactions help build a sense of community and trust among participants, fostering deeper connections and
mutual support.

Personalization and Adaptability

Tailored Guidance: I can adapt the content and approach based on the evolving needs and progress of the group, offering more personalized support.

Integration and Application

Real-Life Integration: Weekly sessions encourage participants to integrate what they learn into their daily lives, promoting practical application and real-world relevance.

Emotional and Spiritual Depth

Deeper Emotional Work: Ongoing sessions provide the time and space for participants to explore and process deeper emotional issues, leading to more profound healing and growth.


Commitment and Investment

Higher Commitment Level: The commitment to a weekly group can foster a stronger sense of dedication and investment in one’s personal growth journey.

I highly recommend Tamar as a therapist and a teacher for life. This woman embodies so much wisdom and wonder. I met her at one of the lowest points in my life, and she lifted me to greater heights with her spiritual tools. The method she works with is one of the most powerful I have ever encountered.  

Liron Roabi

Owner and Groups facilitator , at Sunshinegroup

Tamar is a wonderfully intuitive coach, grounded in her mastery of the expansion method. She skillfully accompanies me through my process of self-discovery and self-healing, fostering progress while providing valuable professional and personal insights. After each coaching session, I come away with a renewed sense of self, energy, and focus—propelling me forward and encouraging further transformation. You couldn’t ask for a better guide on your journey to finding your true self.

Robert Franke

Vice President, Drama at ZDF Studios GmbH

Tamar is an enlightened guide. Her wisdom, sensitivity, extensive knowledge, and beautiful soul have helped me achieve significant breakthroughs. She has enabled me to transform my thoughts and stuck beliefs into positive actions, making me feel lighter and more alive. I am grateful for her support. Tamar is a truly unique therapist and soul. Her approach to experiencing existence, combined with meaningful and practical tools, has allowed me to overcome many obstacles and let go of unhelpful patterns. I cherish this ongoing process and transformation, which feels limitless.

Shiran Scheffer

Senior Product Designer


The Building Blocks of Emotional Development


The contents of the group are based on Shai Tubali’s teachings, positive psychology,
and many other inspirational contributors.

Our work will focus on the following key areas:

Expansion of Consciousness:

Discovering inherent freedom, indestructibility, emotional autonomy, and basic wholeness.


Intense Inquiry into Limited Core Beliefs:

Shedding limiting perspectives and embracing an expanded vision of ourselves.

Healing Deep-Seated Imprints and Emotional Wounds:

Reconstructing narratives and healing traumatic events.

Mature Realism:

Moving from infantile expectations to a healthy acceptance of reality.

Heart Center Development:

Enhancing our ability to love, accept, empathize, and feel compassion.

Stabilizing Mood Swings:

Working on internal balance.


Inner Power Development:

Strengthening the solar plexus chakra, setting boundaries, and developing individuality.

Unconditional Love:

Mastering the art of loving ourselves and others

Emotional Independence:

Recognizing ourselves as the source of all positive

Releasing False Power:

Identifying and letting go of inner compensations and revenge forms.

Transforming Negativity:

Processing negative emotions and uncovering their roots for healing.


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