Going Beyond Fear

A step-by-step guide to releasing past traumas
and avoiding them in the future.

Thank You! – And Welcome!

you will learn:

  • Understand better the definition of trauma.

  • How trauma occur and what are the implication of such an event.

  • What you can do to release traumatic memories from your system.

  • How to avoid being traumatized in the future.

My name is Tamar Brosh and I am positive psychologist, coach and a trauma release expert. I have a master’s degree in positive psychology and coaching and I am a certified and senior practitioner in the Expansion Method ©. In my work for the last 15 years, I specialize in leading trauma release processes, both conscious and unconscious and I have a vast experience and knowledge in therapeutic dynamics as well as empowering and transforming ones. I also have been practicing meditation and spiritual self-inquiry for the last 20 years and serve as a spiritual guide to many in my work.

I am very glad that you have chosen to download this short eBook and hope you will find it innovative and useful.

What others say about Tamar and her work

“Tamar is a very skilled therapist. She is very patient during the expansion sessions and I felt safe, working with her the whole past year. I came to her through severe lack of self-confidence, depression and anxiety. I had just left a psychiatric hospital and no therapies had really worked all my teenage and adolescent years. I thought I was a hopeless case until I came across the Expansion method and through that to Tamar. Within 2-month, tremendous changes happened in my emotional and mental body, I felt more able to make plans, to be alone, to build my life. I felt love for the very first time in years and I managed to stay centered (with Tamar’s help), even during a difficult break up recently. Right now, I feel strong enough to face some further challenges alone, which would have never been the case before I met her. She really knows how to prepare you to be strong enough for yourself and to build trust in your abilities to manage life. I am beyond grateful for all her wisdom, support and love she gave me and many others will benefit from her knowledge.

What would have taken me probably a lifetime with „normal“ therapies, took me 10 months with Tamar. And even in these ten months, I experience so much joy and light, it felt so different from what I was used to in classic psychotherapy. You look at trauma and instantly heal the wound, and don’t just rip it open by talking about it. Thank you, Tamar, for everything. “

Livia Auer

“After two years of intense work with Tamar, I can say that the person I wanted to be is finally here. I am not perfect and I can still lose my temper from time to time but I can manifest and express everything I longed for and wished for. I feel so high. All those sessions completely paid off because the more developed version of myself, the one I used to meet time and time again in the expanded states during the meeting with Tamar is now stable and present. I feel proud of myself like never before. I went through complex challenges and was able to handle it all so well.

I understand myself and my path much better and I don’t look for confirmations outside anymore. I see the people around me and how they behave and I can reach them and create together with them everything I need. I came to Tamar broken, weak and longing for a child, exhausted after failing to get pregnant and feeling as if I had lost any control over my life and Tamar gave me back the power and the ability to control from a calmer state of mind. I feel I should be Tamar’s “poster client” because I am a real success and the direct proof of her abilities as a therapist. Thank you, Tamar, from the bottom of my heart.”

A. R.

High-tech manager